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Charles J. Vorosmarty
Adjunct Research Professor
Ph.D., University of New Hampshire

Charles Vorosmarty is a professor of civil engineering at the City University of New York.

Before coming to The City College of New York, he was a research full professor at the Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans and Space at the University of New Hampshire where he was founder and Director of the Water Systems Analysis Group at the University of New Hampshire Institute for the Study of Earth, Oceans, and Space.

The Water Systems Analysis Group is distinguished in extramurally-funded research on numerous aspects of the water resource question - pollution, water stress, population-water interactions, dams and reservoirs, flood and drought at local, regional, continental, and global scales. The team publishes heavily in the open scientific literature.

Professor Vorosmarty's research focuses on the development of computer models and geospatial data sets used in synthesis studies of the interactions among the water cycle, climate, biogeochemistry and anthropogenic activities. His studies are built around local, regional and continental to global-scale modeling of water balance, discharge, constituent fluxes in river systems and the analysis of the impacts of large-scale water engineering on the terrestrial water cycle.

Dr. Vörösmarty is a founding member of the Global Water System Project that represents the input of more than 200 international scientists under the International Council for Science's Global Environmental Change Programs. He is spearheading efforts to develop global-scale indicators of water stress, to develop and apply databases of reservoir construction worldwide and to analyze coastal zone risks associated with water diversion. He recently won one of two national awards through the National Science Foundation to execute studies on hydrologic synthesis.