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Chia-Lin Huang
Research Assistant Professor
Space Plasma physics, magnetospheric physics, cosmic rays and radiation belt processes
Joint Appointment with Department of Physics
Ph.D. Boston University

Chia-Lin Huang earned her B.A. at National Central University, Taiwan in 2000 and her M.S. and Ph.D. at Boston University in 2004 and 2008.

Her early research involved theoretical and empirical modeling of the terrestrial magnetosphere and radiation belt. In 2008, Huang worked at Dartmouth College simulating galactic cosmic rays in the Earth-Moon environment. After returning to Boston University as a Research Associate, Huang began observational studies of the Earth's radiation belt, and combined that with her expertise in magnetospheric modeling.

In 2010, Huang came to the University of New Hampshire as a Research Scientist II and was appointed to Research Assistant Faculty in the Space Science Center (EOS) and the Department of Physics in 2014.

Her current work includes studying the acceleration and loss processes of radiation belt electrons through observations, test particle simulations, and global modeling of Earth's magnetosphere. She is a member of the NASA Van Allen Probes mission science team and has received other research grants from NASA.