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Jingfeng Xiao
Research Associate Professor
Remote Sensing and Modeling of Terrestrial Ecosystems and Carbon Cycle

Jingfeng Xiao received his Ph.D. from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2006 (B.S. 1997, Lanzhou University, China; M.S. 2000, Beijing University, China). He was a Post-Doc at Purdue University and then a Research Associate at the Pennsylvania State University before he joined the Complex Systems Research Center in November 2009.

Dr. Xiao's research interests include remote sensing, terrestrial carbon cycle, ecological modeling, vegetation dynamics, land cover/land use change, disturbances, and human-environment interactions. He is particularly interested in understanding the impacts of climate variability and change, land cover/land use change, and disturbances on terrestrial carbon cycling as well as their feedbacks to the climate over various spatial and temporal scales. He combines remote sensing, ecological modeling, field measurements (e.g., eddy covariance measurements), model-data fusion, and statistical analysis to address these science issues.

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