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Matthew Huber
Affiliate Research Professor
Climatology, Climate Dynamics, Impacts Prediction
Joint Appointment Dept. of Earth Sciences
Ph.D. University of California Santa Cruz

Dr. Huber's research focuses on past, present and future climate: the mechanisms that govern climate, the different forms that climates can take on Earth, and the relationship between climate change and life. 

Major research areas include: the radiative and dynamical processes generating tropical "thermostats", polar amplification of warming, and the ecological and evolutionary implications of these processes and patterns.  This work draws on atmosphere-ocean dynamics, paleoceanography, geology, paleontology, and computer modeling.

In his work toward understanding the "greenhouse" climates of the Palogene, he applies state-of-the-art global climate models to address fundamental questions such as:
- Where was deep water formed in the Eocene, and how much heat was transported in the atmosphere and ocean?
- Are there multiple equilibria/catastrophes in the thermohaline circulation, as posited both by modelers and paleoceanographers alike?
- Are there mechanisms ("thermostats") for tropical temperature regulation?

After earning his Ph.D. in Earth Sciences at University of California Santa Cruz, he worked as Asst. Research Professor at the University of Copenhagen Neils Bohr Institute, and as Professor of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at Purdue University.

Publications by Huber