We have always relied on explorers to bring us new information about the world in which we live. In this millennium, our students, faculty, and staff are among the new explorers using the tools of high technology to venture beyond the borders of the known.
—Berrien Moore III,
Director Emeritus, UNH-EOS 
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Research & Discover…


For ten years undergraduate students joined some of the nation’s top scientists at the University of New Hampshire for paid summer internships or graduate fellowships through the Universtiy of New Hampshire.

Right from the start, they worked in tight collaboration with researchers who are recognized as leaders in the national and international scientific community. Our geo-science and environmental science research is among the most frequently cited in the country. As a Research & Discover Student, they were involved in ground-breaking research in areas relating to each student's interests.

Our students worked with scientists at both UNH and at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, engaged in:
• Investigating climate change and the effects of human activities on the Earth;
• Analyzing samples of snow, ice, and the atmosphere to study climate changes;
• Exploring chemical, physical and biological oceanography;
• Studying dynamic processes in the Earth, oceans, and atmosphere using remote sensing, GIS, computer models, and other state-of-the-art tools.

The Research & Discover program ends May 2012. The University of New Hampshire hopes to build upon this successful program by offering a new opportunity to engage students in groundbreaking research.

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