The Research and Discover internship has given me the opportunity to work on the ICARTT campaign, and thus to meet many new people, to revisit old acquaintances, and to work with a vast array of instrumentation. The skills I have learned here are of great value to me and my research group... they will undoubtedly help guide me in my future endeavors.
—Karl Haase

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2004-2005 INTERNS

Karl HaaseKarl Haase
New Mexico Instituteof Mining and Technology, '05
Research: Atmospheric Chemistry
Advisors: Dr. Barkley SIve, UNH Climate Change Research Center

David HousemanDavid Houseman
University of Leeds '05
Research: Physical Oceanography
Advisors: Dr. Jamie Pringle, UNH Ocean Process Analysis Lab;
Dr. Robert Cahalan, NASA-GSFC

Erica LindgrenErica Lindgren
University of New Hampshire '05
Research: Paleoclimatology
Advisors: Dr. Michael Prentice,
UNH Climate Change Research Center

Claire TreatClaire Treat
Mount Holyoke College '05
Research: Carbon Cycle Studies
Advisors: Dr. Ruth Varner,
UNH Complex Systems Research Center;
Dr. Forrest Hall, NASA-GSFC