The Research and Discover program gave me confidence that I could handle the challenges involved in research, given time and experience. I’m more certain now that I want to do research of some kind as a career than I was ten weeks ago.
—Vriginia Sawyer

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2006-2007 INTERNS

Catherine WalkerCatherine Walker
Mount Holyoke College '07
Research: Space Science
Advisors: Dr. Antoinette Galvin,
UNH Space Science Center

Virginia SawyerVirginia Sawyer
Cornell University '07
Research: Atmospheric Science
Advisors: Dr. Ruth Varner,
UNH Climate Change Research Center;
Dr. Judd Welton and Dr. Timothy Berkoff, NASA-GSFC

Katelyn DolanKatelyn Dolan
University of New Hampshire '07
Research: Environmental Science
Advisors: Dr. Charles Vorosmarty,
UNH Complex Systems Research Center;
Dr. Jeff Masek and Dr. Jim Collatz, NASA-GSFC

Jerome MitchellJerome Mitchell
Elizabeth City State University '07
Research: Oceanograpy
Advisor: Dr. Mark Fahnestock,
UNH Complex Systems Research Center

Jennifer WurtzelMimi Szeto
Wellesley College '07
Research: Oceanograpy
Advisors: Dr. Janet Campbell,
UNH Ocean Process Analysis Laboratory;
Dr. Charles McClain, NASA-GSFC