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Atmospheric Chemistry Focus
Field and laboratory studies focus on understanding the distribution, sources, and fate of atmospheric gases and particles, and their role in global climate.

Degree programs: M.S. in Earth Science (geochemical systems specialization), Ph.D. in Earth and Environmental Sciences


Field studies in the Western Pacific, South America, and Arctic;
Global Tropospheric research;
Modeling studies of climate change-chemistry interactions;
New analytical techniques development;
Source identification for greenhouse gases.

• "Analysis of organic aerosol in Houston, TX through aerosol mass spectrometry and proton nuclear magnetic resonance"
• "Ambient measurements of chemical and physical properties of organic aerosols: Insights into formation, growth, and heterogeneous chemistry"
• "Observations of arctic haze from the NCAR C-130 during TOPSE(2000) and evidence of HNO3 uptake and redistribution by cirrus clouds during TC4(2007) obtained from the NASA DC-8"
• "Measurements of gas-phase and particle-phase water-soluble organic carbon"
• "Role of Convection in the Winter Gulf of Maine Mixed Layer Formation"
• "Enhancements of Phosphorus and Carboxylic Acids in Biomass Plumes over Canada during ABLE-3"
• "Methane emissions from urban systems: A model and field investigation"
• "Controls on methane flux from an Alaskan boreal wetland"
• "The effects of acid deposition on sulfate reduction and methane production in peatlands"
• "Nitrous oxide emissions from tropical soils"
• "Nitrous oxide production in a New Hampshire freshwater peatland"
• "Carbon cycling in a New Hampshire Fen"
• "Seasonal Hydrology and Winter Methane Dynamics in a Temperate Poor Fen"

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