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Global Ecosystem Focus
Data from remote sensing and field studies are combined with computer models to address such topics as tropical deforestation, impacts of land use and air pollution on ecosystems, and the role of the oceans in regulating global climate.

Degree programs: M.S. in Earth Science (geochemical systems specialization), Ph.D. in Earth and Environmental Sciences


Global biogeochemical cycles;
The role of terrestrial and ocean ecosystems in the global carbon dioxide budget;
Detecting and modeling ecosystem stress and land-use change;
Energy and environmental policy studies.

• "Exploring the use of ICESat's Geoscience Laser Altimeter System to assess large scale forest disturbance caused by Hurricane Katrina."
• "Understanding NGO Influence within the Fishery Management Plan Development Process"
• "The Mental Demands of Marine Ecosystem-Based Management"
• "Visible and Infrared Spectral Analysis of Fresh Northern Temperate Forest Foliar Chemistry"
• "The Effect of Road-Salting Regimes and Salt Spray on the Radial Growth and Foliar Health of Eastern White Pine in New Hampshire"
• "The Influence of Micro-Environmental Factors on Sugar Maple Demographics in the White Mountains of New Hampshire: A Study of Potential Elevational Migration"
• "Slope Water Nutrient Characteristics and Annual Variability in the Eastern Gulf of Maine"
• "Measuring and Modeling Northeastern Forest Response to Environmental Stresses"
• "Environmental change in a tropical rain forest basin, a case study: The Upper Reventazon Basin, Costa Rica"
• "Spatial distribution of global runoff and its storage in river channels."
• "A permafrost-based water balance model"<
• "Water balance modeling in a changing environment: Reductions in unconfirmed aquifer levels in the area between the Danube and Tisza Rivers in Hungary, Europe"
• "Controls on CH4 emissions from boreal and arctic wetlands"
• "Impact of land-use and climatic changes on hydrology of the Himilayan Basin: A case study of the Kosi Basin"
• "Assessing land use/cover change in Costa Rica"

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