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Oceanography Focus
Data from remote sensing and field studies are combined with computer models to address such topics as tropical deforestation, impacts of land use and air pollution on ecosystems, and the role of the oceans in regulating global climate.

Degree Programs: M.S./Ph.D. in Zoology or Ph.D. in Zoology or Natural Resources and Earth System Sciences


Marine ecosystems; Zooplankton ecology; Ocean remote sensing; Nutrient dynamics; Coastal ocean dynamics; Fisheries; Carbon dioxide in the ocean.

• "Social landscape analysis of land use decison making in the coastal watersheds of Great Bay" "
• "Modeling physical controls on northern shrimp (Pandalus borealis) dispersal, retention and settlement success in the Gulf of Maine"
• "Molecular evidence of population genetic differentiation and sibling species in Acartia tonsa (Copepoda:Calanoida)"
• "Comparison of the morphological and molecular phylogeny of diatoms"
• "Biogeography of Diaptomus leptopus (Calanoida:Copepoda) populations: evidence of population structure based on DNA sequences variation in the mitochondrial cytochrome oxidase I"
• "Evolution of an estuarine copepod: speciation, temperature adaptation, and cues to diapause"
• "Navigational cues for whales and seals at sea"
• "The Geochemical Controls on Hydrothermal Vent Fluid Chemistry from Two Areas on the Ultrafast-Spreading East Pacific Rise"
• "Controls on Alkali Metal Chemistry in Hydrothermal Vent Fluids from 9-10° North Latitude, East Pacific Rise"
• "The Geochemistry of Boron and Lithium in Mid-Ocean Ridge Hydrothermal Vent Fluids"
• "Small-scale Patterns of Phytoplankton Chlorophyll in a Coastal Plain Estuary"
• "The Optical Properties of the Great Bay Estuary: Parameterization of an Ocean Color Model"
• "Modeling Ocean Color Spectra: Parameterization and Interpretation"
• "A Classification of Coastal Waters Using Satellite and Fluvial Discharge Data: Moving towards a better understanding of terrigenous constituent dynamics in coastal waters"
• "Interannual and decadal variation in the pelagic marine ecosystem of the Yellow and East China Seas"
• "Dynamic Bio-optical Provinces in the Global Ocean"
• "Physical and Biological Forcing of Air-Sea Gas Fluxes at Small Scales"
• "Nutrients and Physical Factors During Blooms of Alexandrium Spp. in the Casco Bay Region, Maine"

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