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2000 Hurrican Season Comes to a Close Above-Average Season, But Fewer Landfalls
UNH Chosen by NASA to Evaluate Earth Observing Satellite
UNH Professor: This Weekend's Leonid Meteor Showers Could Produce a Nice Light Show
New Study Shows Reforestation of Agricultural Land Played an Important Role in Reducing Greenhouse Gases over Last Century
Three UNH Students Awarded Space Grant Fellowships
UNH and Senator Judd Gregg Announce $5.3 Million Air Quality Program
UNH Space Scientists Eagerly Await Aug. 9 'Cluster II' Launch
Top High School Students Get 'SMART' at UNH Summer Institute
UNH study Finds Dual Threat From Population Pressure and Global Climate Change on Future Water Resources
UNH among Top 25 NASA-Funded Institutions
UNH Space Scientists among International Group Asking NASA to Keep Compton Observatory in Orbit. Plans to De-orbit Satellite Next Month Could Prove Riskier Than Leaving It in Space
UNH and Space Grant Consortium Offer Forest Watch Training Session for Teachers Aug. 7-9
UNH Professor Says May 5 Planetary Alignment is a Scientific Sleeper
NASA to Destroy Satellite Carrying UNH Telescope
UNH Scientist Sheds New Light on How Solar Wind Impacts Earth's Magnetic Field
UNH Awarded $2.1 Million for Weather Research
The Air Up There: UNH Scientists Part of Multi-Million Dollar Investigation of Springtime Ozone Formation
UNH Satellite Instrument May Meet Fiery End NASA to Decide Next Month on Fate of Compton Gamma Ray Observatory

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